At this moment, we are working on a brand new homepage. We will also bring some really great news within the coming weeks! Meanwhile, please visit our Facebook page for latest updates, and stay tuned.

23.02.15 - Album finished!
The second album has now been mastered.
The album will be called "World Demise", and is recorded at Black Dimension Studios by Stein Roger Sund. This is the same studio we used for "The Reckoning" album. 
The mastering has also been taken care of by Stein Roger Sund, who's been doing a really good job!
The record will be a really long one. In total 9 songs have been recorded, and running time will be more than 70 minutes. (Hopefully there will be place enough on the cd for all of the songs...)
At this moment, we also work on the cover art.
Further, we will make a complete new homepage (new design) within the coming weeks.
A lot of things going on, and we hope to bring you some more detailed news within short time! 

First of all we want to wish you all the best for 2015, and thank you for Your support in 2014!

At this moment, we are currently at the last stages, mixing the new album.
We expect this to be finished within January, and will within short time bring some more details about the coming album. 
Meanwhile - Stay Tuned!

After a (to) long summer holiday, we are finally at the last stages in the studio.
Just a little vocal works are left, before we will start the final mixing. 
The studio work will continue tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at Rune, putting on some solo-tunes in the studio: 

NB: if it doesn't work, than click on the link "open in a new window".

We promise to bring you some more "sneak peeks" from the studio real soon. 

It's been really hectic for some of us related to work/travelling the last weeks.
But in between, we have tried our best to continue the studio work and keep the progress.
Status at this moment; 
Drums, bass and rythm guitars are all finished. 
Guitar-solos and melody lines are all real close to be finalized.
3 evenings have been spent on vocals, resulting 3 songs completed out of total 9.
So far, all is going really well, and we look forward to finalize the remaining work!
We promise to keep you updated!

Meanwhile, you can check out some video-clips from the studio at our facebook site (link, on top to the right in the menu). 
AND, if you not already  follow our facebook - site, feel free to join to get even more info about what's going on! 

The studio work continues.
At this moment, all rhythm guitars have been finished. 
Some clean guitars has also been recorded, but there's still some details left before we'll start to add guitar solos & vocals.

Roy started the bass - recording on Tuesday. 5 songs were finished, and we suppose the rest bass work to be done within this weekend.
More info will follow.   

 Arne and Roy @ Black Dimension Studio 

23.12.13 Studio update
 All drum tracks are finished, and we have started recording of the rhythm guitars.
This work will be continued coming friday.

So far - so good!

We have added a short video-clip of Frode. This can bee seen at Pictures of Pain's official facebook page. (by using link on top of page, right side). 

More information and stuff will follow within short time!

Rune @ Black Dimension Studio, 22.12.13
The recording of our new album has started!
On Saturday, Frode finished the drum recording for 5 songs.
When the remaining 4 is done, we will start to record guitars and bass. 

We will within short time bring out some videos from the studio work, so stay tuned!
Frode - Black Dimension Studio

The studio work has started!

Yesterday, we finished the two last click-tracks at Black Dimension Studio.
Next up will be Frode to start the drum recordings.

We promise to post some video-stuff etc during the studiowork, so stay tuned!   
Rune doing click-tracks at Black Dimension Studio

24.09.13 Pictures of Pain to start recording of a new album
Pictures of Pain will enter Black Dimension Studio week 42, mid of October, to start the recording of a new album!
This is the same studio that was used for recording our debut album "The Reckoning". The album will be produced by Stein Sund.
More information will follow within short time, so stay tuned!  

Just some short updates, what's going on at the moment.
We hope to enter the studio late September/early October.
The material are ready, and we are really looking forward to get it recorded! 
More information will follow, as soon as we know exactly when the studio is available. 

At this moment, we are working with the last preparations before we once again will enter the studio.
We will do the last click-tracks, hopefully this week, and enter the studio as soon as it will be available. 
Hopefully, it won't be to long to to wait.

Further, we have also started the research for possible artwork.   

So keep your eyes open for some more information related to the coming studio work and our next album!  

Arne and Rune do some preparations for the studio work

31.12.12 Happy New Year!
Pictures of Pain want to thank everyone for the support in 2012, and wish you all a happy 2013!
 2012 has been an interesting year for the band, and we really looking forward to 2013.
Priority no.1 will be to make a new album, but we will of course do some more live shows as well.

26.10.12 New material
Just a little update, what's going on at the moment.
Our main focus at the moment, is to complete all the new songs that will be included on our next release.
We have 8 brand new tracks, with only some minor lyricwork left, before we are ready to enter the studio again!
The recording is planned to start early 2013.
More info will follow.   

06.09.12 Live pictures added 
Live pictures from Stavanger and Kopervik, mid of August, have now been added to the "Pictures" menu.  

29.08.12 Live clip from Kopervik
A live clip of "Deviator" is posted on our official Facebook site. The song is taken from the concert at 1866, Kopervik, 18.08.12.
Take a look by using the blue "facebook" link/button to the right, on top of this site. 
Feel free to join our facebook site as well, and receive even more news from the band! 

23.08.12 Report by Karmoynytt
The local newspaper KARMOYNYTT made a report from our concert in Kopervik this Saturday. The report can be seen here. It's written in Norwegian.

19.08.12 Thanks!
We had an excellent weekend, and it was a pleasure to play in both Stavanger and Kopervik!
Thank you to ALL of you, that showed support! Special thanks to Gunnar Håland at Fredagsliven, Chevys, Reism, 1866, Johnny Angelund, Einar Sarkkinen, Bjørn Ove Fredriksen, Per Einar Larsen and our friends Secret of Darkness!
Our local newspaper Karmoynytt visited the gig in Kopervik as well. Thank you! 
Some photos taken by Karmoynytt can be seen here.
We will within short time add some pictures from both shows + some live clips!

Just one day to the concert in Stavanger and two days to the Kopervik gig!
Unfortunately, we recent received a massage from Illnath that they had to cancel all shows for the next month. The guitarist has destroyed his hand and is unable to play.
Illnath will be replaced by female fronted metalband Reism in Stavanger. Thank you for your help, this close to the venue! Unfortunatel Reism are not able to play in Kopervik, which will resault in some longer playtime for the remaining bands, Pictures of Pain and Secret of Darkness. 

Door opens 21:00, concert starts 22:00 for both gigs. 
Tickets will only be sold at Chevy's and 1866.  
Price: 150 NOK
  We are looking forward to a great weekend!
Be there!


03.07.12 Preparing for August gigs
At this moment, we are preparing for the August gigs. Here is some further, preliminary, information about the shows:

Norwegian gigs:
For these two shows, we have invited the great danish metalband Illnath and our Czech friends from Secret of Darkness. Both, great bands which we highly recommend to see live! 
You will have the oportunity to see both these bands together with Pictures of Pain at these dates and places:
Friday 17.08.2012 - Chevy's, Stavanger
Saturday 18.08.2012 - 1866, Kopervik

Denmark gigs:
 We will play together Illnath at:
24.08.2012 - Huse på Magstræde, Copenhagen
25.08.2012 - Rock Cafeen, Aalborg

More, detailed info will follow soon!

We have added some photos from both shows in Czech Republic, which took part 2 weeks ago. Take a look at the "Pictures" link!
More pictures (and a live clip from the Blacksun Festival in Prague) can be seen at our facebook page. Take a look, and if you like it, please join our facebook site as well! 
To make it short: We had a FANTASTIC trip, and want to thank our friends from Secret of Darkness (Vojta, you're the man!), the guys from Lunarsea and of course all of you that showed support at the shows! THANK YOU ALL, it was a pleasure, and hopefully - We'll be back!    


28.03.12 Photos from Saturday's gig added!
A lot of pictures from saturday's gig at Byscenen, Haugesund, have now been added. These can be seen at the "Pictures" link. All pictures are taken by Henry Leirvoll. Thanks a lot for your help Henry! Feel free to visit his homepage as well, to see some of his great work! 

A really succesfull weekend at Byscenen Haugesund! We had a great time, and want to use the possibility to thank Karmoygeddon for a great arrangement, the other bands Pagans Mind and King Calling, Roald Helmersen, Tone, Ann Helen, Tom and of course EVERYONE that was at the concert!
We will within short time bring on some pictures, and maybe some live stuff as well, so stay tuned! 

Pictures of Pain - Live at Byscenen, Haugesund 24.03.12

23.03.12 Pictures of Pain + Pagans Mind + King Calling
 Tomorrow, Saturday 24.03.12, we will play together with Pagans Mind and King Calling at Byscenen, Haugesund.  
Last time we played in Haugesund, was back in 2007 at Karmoygeddon Metalfestival.
We're looking forward to an evening with such great bands, and hopefully a lot of metal heads!

The bands will play in this order:
21.00: King Calling
23.00: Pagans Mind 

Pre ordered tickets are available at Scanticket    

08.03.12 Pictures of Pain to play at Blacksun Festival, Prague, 05.05.12:
It's time to bring on some more information related to the coming shows in Mars and May: 

Saturday 24.03.12 we will play togehter with Pagans Mindin Haugesund, Byscenen. 

First weekend of May, we will do two shows in Czech Republic:
Friday 04.05.12
will be at MIGHTY BAR VELBLOUD - ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICEtogehther with four other brilliant band:

Saturday 05.05.12, will be at Blacksun Festival in Prague, with this Line up:


27.01.12 August gigs confirmed:
Two gigs in August are now confirmed.
These will be Friday 17th at Chevy's in Stavanger (No) and Saturday 18th at 1866 in Kopervik (No). We will within short time bring om some more details for both these shows, and the Czech Republic shows in May as well.   

08.01.12 Gigs in Czech Republic:
Pictures of Pain will be playing in Czech Republic early May:
Friday 4th of May in Budejovice at Mighty Club - Velbloud 
Saturday 5th of May in Prague at Exit US Chmelnice Club

We will soon bring on some more details.

22.12.11 Merry Christmas to everyone!
Pictures of Pain would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and all the best wishes for 2012!
We would also like to thank everyone for showing support in 2011.
We can already promise that 2012 will be an even more exiting year for the band than 2011. Within the next few weeks, we will bring on some really great news, so stay tuned!  

20.11.11 Gig confirmed
Pictures of Pain will play together with Pagans Mind, Saturday 24.03.12.
The event will take place at Byscenen, Haugesund and is arranged by Karmoygeddon Metal Festival.

Tickets are already available at Scanticket

Be there!

It's about time for a short update!
At this moment, and for a few months, our main focus will be to produce more new material. As far, it has gone really well. 
By now, we have 5 brand new songs ready, and during the autumn and winter we'll hopefully produce even more. 
Our goal is to enter the studio again during the first half of 2012, to record our second album.

We'll keep you updated!       

29.07.11 Two more reviews
Two more reviews of "The Reckoning" have been released the last week, both giving the record a 90% score!
This time, the reviews are done by:
Valkyrianmusic.com (4,5/5) - English

Hellspawn.be (90/10) - Belgium 

It's about time for an update from the Pictures of Pain-camp again!
Due to illness for one of our members the last months, we unfortunately had to put some planned concerts on "Hold". We also had to say no to a Festival, which will take place this weekend. But the most important thing for us all, is that everything now seems to turn out in a good way, and we can start to look forward again! Our main focus the next months, will be producing more, new material for the second album. This progress has already started! And of course, - if it suits into our schedule, there may be some conserts during the autumn and winter as well. Time will show!

Meanwhile, you can take a look at a new german review (8/10) here.    

17.05.11 Review by The Metal Observer
Metal Observer gives "The Reckoning" a score 8/10. The review can be seen at the "Reviews" link. Take a look, - it's written in English.  

06.05.11 One more review
UK's Rock & Metal Webzine "Metalliville" have made a review of "The Reckoning", giving a score 9/10, and describe the album as "excellent piece of metal".
The review can be read here.

26.04.11 Some more reviews
Since last update, we have added 3 more reviews of "The Reckoning" album to the reviews -link.
This time from polish "Atmospheric Metal Magazine", giving a maximum score 6/6. Further, reviews from "The Metal Forge" and "Holy Metal", both giving the album 7/10.

 Yet another successful gig weekend!
It was a great pleasure to play at this year's StordFest. An excellent Festival, with a lot of great, -high quality bands.
Thanks a lot to everyone at StordFest for doing a great job, our friends in D'Accord and Zeno Morf, and of course all of the great musicians and the people that showed their support this weekend!
We have added some pictures from the festival, which can be seen at the "pictures" link.

21.03.11 Live Pictures and next consert
Back from a successful gig at Garage, Bergen! 
Thanks a lot to D'Accord for a great arrangement, the other bands, Siver for taking pictures, and of course to everyone that was at the concert!
We have added some pictures from the live show as well. Theese can be seen at the "pictures" link.

Only some days left for the next gig.
PICTURES OF PAIN will be playing FRIDAY 25th at ARENA - Stage 23:30-24:00.
Complete Line up and playtimes can be seen here.

For further info, pleace visit: Stordfest or Facebook event
Tickets available at:

11.03.11 Metal-Rules Review
Metal-Rules give a score 4/5 for "The Reckoning" album. Read it here.

09.03.11 Some more gig details:
Here's some more information due to the next gigs:
Saturday 19.03.11 - GARAGE - BERGEN: 
LINE UP and Playtime: 
D'AccorD (Sunnhordland) - 21:30 - 22:05
Pictures Of Pain (Karmøy) - 22:20 - 23:00
Garden OF (Trondheim) - 23:15 - 00:00
Flamborough Head (NL) - 00:15 - 01:30

CC; 100NOK, Doors open 21:00; age limit 20
For further info visit these two sites:
Garage or Progblog.  

Friday 25.03.11 - STORDFEST - STORD (25-26.03):
Total 28 bands will play at two different scenes this weekend.

PICTURES OF PAIN will be playing FRIDAY 25th at ARENA - Stage 23:30-24:00.

For further info, pleace visit: Stordfest or Facebook event
Tickets available at:

03.03.11 Behind the Veil Webzine gives 8,5/10
The Metalzine "Behind the Veil" gives The Reckoning 8,5/10. The review can be read here.

28.02.11 Two more reviews
The Belgian Metalzine "ConcreteWeb.be" gives "The Reckoning" 81/100, "Blistering.com" gives 7/10. Take a look at the "Reviews" link. 

18.02.11 New March-gig Confirmed!
Pictures of Pain is confirmed to be one out of 4 bands to be playing at "Prog-Night" Saturday 19th of March. The special event will take place at GARAGE, Bergen. The bands you'll be able to see Live this night will be Flamborough Head (NL), Garden of, D'Accord and Pictures of Pain. Doors open 22.00. We can already promise, that this will be a killer of a Night!

16.02.11 Festival Confirmation & another great Review!
Pictures of Pain is confirmed to play at Stordfest (100 Dagers festivalen) to take place at Stord 25-26 of March.
In total, 27 bands will be playing at two scenes this weekend. We will be playing at Friday. We will come back with further information due to playing time etc during next week.

Infernal Masquerade Webzine has done a great review for "The Reckoning" album, giving it a score of 83/100. It's written in English. To read it, click here or visit the "reviews"-link.  

09.02.11 TrueMetal.it review
The Italian Websine TrueMetal.it evaluates The Reckoning as "one of the best debut album of 2010", giving it a score 81/100.
The review is added to the "Reviews" section and is written in Italian.
(Can  easily be translated by using for instance Google Translate

27.01.11 Interviews by Heavymetal.no and Ice Vajal Musicland
The major Norwegian metalzine "Heavymetal.no" have posted an interview on their site. It's written in Norwegian and can be read here.
The German website Ice Vajal Musicland & MetalWorld have also done an interview. This is written in English, and can be seen here
Take a look!

24.01.11 Reviews and coming interviews
Two more reviews have been added to the "Reviews" section. This time from Metal Storm Website (7,8/10) and HeavyMetal.no (7,5/10). 
An interview has also been done by Heavymetal.no. This will be posted, as soon as it's published on their website.
Yet a
nother interview, done by Ice-Vajal Musicland, will also be posted quite soon.
We will also, within short time, try to publish a sample of Fridays live interview at CyBC2's "Rock Show"so stay tuned!

20.01.11 Live Radio-interview, tomorrow, Friday 21th
Pictures of Pain will be interviewed live tomorrow evening (Friday 21st) on ‘The Rock Show’ which is
hosted by Robert Camassa on CyBC’s 2nd radio channel. The show airs between 20:10-22:00, local time, (which mean 19:10-21:00 Norwegian time)
The show will be in English.
For furher information, and link to the show, visit this site: Pitch Black Records.  

Don't miss this one!

17.01.11 Some more reviews
RockWay Magazine (Greece), Scream Magazine (Norway) and Legacy Magazine have done reviews of The "Reckoning". They can all be read at the "Reviews" link. 

13.01.11 Pitch Black Records 
Pitch Black Label is now on Facebook!
Make your support by adding them to your profile here

30.12.10 Happy New Year!
  Just a few hours left of 2010, and it’s time to resume the year:
2010 has been a real interesting and satisfying year for the band, releasing the debut album “The Reckoning” 26th of November. As far, the reviews and feedbacks have been very positive. This gives inspiration, working even harder in 2011. The major priorities for the coming year, will be to do some live shows and continue to produce even more new material.  

At last, we want to thank Phivos Papadopoulos & Pitch Black Records for believing in the band and releasing the album. Also a big hail to Mario Pereira for great booklet artwork, Andy LaRocque for excellent mastering and of course: all of you that supported the release-party, have bought the album and showed support for the band!

You’re the best, a great 2011 to you all!

23.12.10 Merry Christmas everyone!
We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
Take care, and feel free to enjoy!

20.12.10 "The Reckoning" cover
"The Reckoning" cover is picked out as one of the best covers, released during November by Pete Alander (Artwork for K K Downing, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tarja Turunen, among others, on his CV). He describes the art as: "The use of black & red is really capturing" at Bandmill Webzine
Congratulations goes to Mario Pereira for doing a great job due to the artwork!

12.12.10 A new, great review added!
Disagreement Music Zine
 gives "the Reckoning" a (9/10) score.
The review can be read here or at the "Reviews" link  

11.12.10 Some more reviews 
 4 new "The Reckoning" reviews have been done, this time by:
Apoch’s Metal Reviews (4/5) “The Reckoning is a fantastic, diverse album, that has a lot of power to it”
Metal Temple Magazine  (7/10) a release that deserves to be in the rookie best album 2010 release list”
Bleeding4metal.de (7/10) “a real positive introduction to the Metal-league” - German
Hardsounds.it (7/10) -
The complete reviews can be read by checking out the "Reviews" link.
03.12.10  CD info & Merchandise etc.
As you may have discovered, we have added some further information about how and where you can buy the cd, released last Friday. The CD has 8 tracks + 2 bonustracks taken from the demos back in 2005 and 2006. (NB: The bonustracks are only availible at the CD, not as mp3). The CD can be bought directly from the Pitch Black Records Online store, or from different stores around the world, supplied by Twilight Distribution etc. 
You can also buy new Pictures of Pain merchandises. For further details, take a look at the "Merchandise" link. We are waiting for even more merch's to come within a week or two (Girlies & Hoodies).

Meanwhile, take a look at another review, this time from Fury Rocks (8/10) You can read it here, or at the "Reviews" link. 

Some new "Pictures of Pain" links have also been added. (See down to the left). Feel free to take a look at theese links as well.   

29.11.10 "Metal Life Magazine" gives "The Reckoning" 10/10
Metal Life Magazine gives "The Reckoning" album full score.
The Review can be read here, or at the "Reviews" link.

28.11.10 Releaseparty pictures added
We want to say a big HAIL and THANK YOU to everyone, that supported the release-party!
Some pictures from the event have been added to the "Pictures" link. Take a look, and enjoy.

21.11.10 Release -countdown
Only a few days left to the Releaseparty, Friday 26th of Nov.

19.11.10 Heavymetal.no Report
A report and update due to the release of "The Reckoning" album, and forthcoming Releaseparty friday 26th of Nov. has been done by Heavymetal.no. It's written in Norwegain an can be read here.

 Yet another great review, this time from www.powerofmetal.dk rating "The Reckoning" album 90/100 and discribe the album as "Surprise of the year!". The review has been added to the "Reviews" link.  

Two more reviews have been added to the  "Reviews" link.
4/5 by Dangerdog, 7.1/10 by Metalcry

Yet another review have been done. This time by Battlehelm.com. You can read it by clicking "Reviews". It's written in English.  

28.10.10 - First reviews
The first 2 reviews of forthcoming "The Reckoning" album have been done by:
"Metal-Integral", score 16/20 (French/English) 
"Flight of Pegasus", no score (Greek)
They can both be read at the "Reviews" - link.

More reviews will of course follow continuously.

04.10.10 - Releaseparty
The releaseparty will be held Friday 26th of Nov. at POSH, Kopervik.
More detailed information will follow.

01.10.10 - Pictures of Pain signed to Pitch Black Records!
We are pleased to announce that we have signed a record deal with Pitch Black Records!  

Our debut-cd "The Reckoning" will be distributed world wide, and release-date will be 26th of November.
We'll bring on some more news during this weekend, so stay tuned.

We really look forward, working together with Pitch Black Records!

11.09.10 - Coverart finished
The coverart/booklet for our debut-cd is finished! 
The Artwork is done by Mario Pereira.
He has done some real great artwork and we are very satisfied with the result!
This will be the frontcover:

To see more of Mario's work, feel free to visit his websites:
According to record company, releasedate etc, this will follow within a few days. 

24.08.10 - Final Stages
The coverart for our debut cd is now on it's final stages. 
We will also sign a record deal during this week! More information about which label we have chosen, coverart etc will be published real soon! 

02.08.10 - Summer update 
The summer has been quite busy. 
But quite soon we'll bring on some real good news, so stay tuned!

After some weeks off, due to Rune's touring with Thundra, we are back in normal modus again. The search of a proper label to release "The Reckoning" cd has begun, and we hope to bring on some good news during the summer. We have already received some positive feedbacks, so we are quite optimistic that the search will result in something satisfying. One thing is for sure, the record WILL BE RELESED during 2010, so stay tuned for further news.

As far, enjoy the spring!    

08.02.10 New, mastered material added 
2 mastered songs from our forthcoming cd have now been added to our "MySpace" profile. The songs are in mp3 - format. Feel free to take a listening!

30.01.10 FinalProduct!
The mastering work is now completed, and we are really satisfied with Andy LaRocque's work! 
We decided to do some minior improvements to the original material, which hopefully has resulted in an even stronger product. This means that we now have a totally finished product, only waiting to be released!

We will use the comming weeks to send out the material to selected labels. Meanwhile, some new Pictures of Pain stuff will be added our MySpace profile quite soon.     

28.09.09 Mastering
We have now decided to do an external mastering of the recorded material. This to improve the sound quality of the product. We have also done some minor, additional vocalworks, to the original recordings. Hopefully, this will contribute to an even stronger product! 

The mastering will be done by the legendary King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocquein his own Sonic Train Studios. He has a real strong "CV", working with bands like; King Diamond, Hammerfall, Evergrey, Falconer, In Flames, Novembre etc. We are sure he'll do a great job, and we're really look forward to receive the final product! The demo will be sent this week, and the mastering itself will be done early next week.      

12.08.09 Last status
Due to summer - holidays etc, we have been taking some weeks "off", but will be starting the work, mainly production of new material quite soon.

According to the release of our forthcoming debut cd:
We have received some offers from different kind of labels, so the album could already have been available in the stores. But as far, we have selected not to sign any of the received offers. We have chosen to be patient ahead of rushing into the "first and best". We will continue the work which hopefully will lead to a deal that the band will be satisfied with. 

Stay tuned for more updates.

17.06.09 Promo-pictures added 
Some promo pictures have now been added to the "Pictures" link.

11.05.09 Pictures of Pain Congratulates..
..Frode and Ann Helen with the son, born 08.05.09! 

06.05.09 May Update
Here's an update to let you all know that we are still going strong.
At the moment we are working on some new songs and we hope to get back to you soon with some   more news
For now you can have a look at this clip from our time in the studio last year :

Pictures of Pain Youtube account


08.04.09 Happy Easter! 
We have taken some time off because of the Easter holiday.
Next week we'll be back writing some new stuff. 

We want to wish you all a happy holiday !! 

24.03.09 Some updates
In 2008 our priority was going in the studio. Hopefully this work will lead to an interesting 2009!

We have sent the recordings to various record companies. We have received some interest, but at this point nothing is decided. We will take some time to evaluate, before we do any possible signing.
So hopefully we have some good news to report during the spring/summer - Time will tell !

At this point, we have started writing some new songs. This has already resulted in 2 brand new songs, and we're really looking forward to continue this work. 

06.03.09 Great review from last consert 28.02.09
 Heavymetal.no has a review from the very successfull "Metal-Night" in Kopervik 28.02.09. Take a look here, or click on the "Review"- link to read the whole review. (It's written in Norwegian). 
Thanks to Roger Knutsen, from Heavymetal.no, for his support !   

02.03.09 Pictures added from Saturday's gig 
Finally, it was time for a local gig again! It was a great success, with a lot of people coming to the show. Thanks to all of you that came and made the evening successful for everyone! Also a big "HAIL" to the other two bands that played this evening, Atropos and Zeno Morf, - you both delivered amazing shows! 

We have added some pictures from the consert. Take a look at the "pictures"- link.   


01.02.09 Next Live gig confirmed 
Saturday 28.th of February, Pictures of Pain will be playing live at Borgen Pub, Kopervik. Another metalband, Atropos, will be playing together with us this evening, and maybe we will include another band. We really look forward to this gig, especially since we had to cancel our last gig just before Christmas, due to injury of one of our members. This will be our first consert in our local area since mid  2007.  

11.01.09 New Material Added!
New material has now been added to our MySpace page! Last week we added the first new song "Far Beyond", and later today, we will add another new song "Deviator".

Recordings and mastring of our forthcomming debut cd was done in Black Dimension studio, by Stein R. Sund. It's the same studio we used for the two demoes we recorded earlier. As always, he did a great job, - thanks mate! 
We will soon start the research of actual record companies, which hopefully will result in a record deal. Time will tell!

And at last, - we want to wish you all a superb 2009, and thank you for your support so far! 

13.12.08 Sad News - CANCELATION
Because of a serious back injury suffered by one of our members, we have had to  CANCEL todays gig.

We are REALLY SORRY for this, as we really looked forward to the gig - and to play a lot of new stuff. We know that many of you looked forward to our first consert in this area for over a year.
We promise to do a new gig as soon as possible.

So to the good news: THERE WILL STILL BE A CONSERT TONIGHT! Karmoygeddon has found a replacement - the local band HELLNIGHT. Show your support and be there! We can guarantee that it will be a great evening anyway!

04.12.08 Close to next Gig
 It's only some days left to the next gig, Saturday 13th of December at Flytten, Haugesund. We will play together with (K)Nine, and the swedish metalband In Mourning. Be there!

We also played a gig in Stavanger 20.11.08. Pictures from the event are now published. Take a look at "Pictures".

And at last: Studio work are all finished! Next step will be to find which labels we want to send copies to.

11.10.08 Gig at Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger confirmed
Yet another gig is confirmed, at Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger 20.11.08.

14.09.08 Christmas gig confermed!
Pictures of Pain will play live Saturday 13. Desember at Flytten, Haugesund togther with the swedish metalband In Mourning. We will play a lot of new stuff this evening. More information about the event can be read here:

24.08.08 Mixing
We are now in the mixing-prosess. Drums are finished, and the rest will be done during the next few weeks. We really looking forward to get the result! 8 Tracks are been recorded, some of the old ones have been recorded again, and some new tracks have been added. These tracks will be on the record:
Final State
Far Beyond
Eternal Rage
Sign of Times
The Reckoning
Years of Disgrace

Next step will be to do a gig or two during autumn. Stay tuned for updates!

Hello everyone!! We are SO sorry for not having updated our webpage lately. There has been so much stuff going on now; like a tour for one of our band members, summer holidays, computer problems ++++++. Well...finally, here's a small update just to let our fans know that we are still alive:-)
Now for the news; We have a little bit of vocals left to finish in the studio. We are hopefully getting it all done this week, and then it's just a matter of mixing it, and we should be all set.
We are also planning to get out there and play a local live gig some time this fall. We will have to get back to you on the details.
That's it for now, but we promise to keep in touch! Cheers, have a great summer!

We have been quite busy with work, conserts ect for the last few weeks, so there has been less time for studio-work. But now, we have finished about 70 % of the vocals. On Friday we will have our first "practice" together since we started recording. Hopefully we will decide how to do the remaining details based on the remaining vocals work. So far things have worked out really well, and we really look forward to completing the work !

Yesterday, Rune played all guitar solos. We also started the recording of the vocals. All clean vocals were done at the end of the day for two of the songs. Our producer, Stein Roger Sund in Black dimension studio, has made a studio report on the work so far. Take a look here.

By now, we are finished with all drums, bass, rythm guitars and lead guitar. Only guitar solos and vocals are left, so things have worked out really well in the studio. Solos will be recorded on forthcomming Monday, and thereafter the vocalwork will start. So far, we're really pleased with the result!

Things working out really well in Black Dimension studio. Monday, Roy recorded all the bas lines, and today we've finished one of two rythm guitars. We'll continue with the second rythm guitar on forthcoming Monday.     

Frode has now completed the drum recordings in studio. The next step will be recording of the bass and rythm guitars. There won't be any recordings this weekend due to other activities in the studio, but hopefully we will be back for more work next weekend. Stay tune for more studio updates!

Frode doing drum sections in studio 


Help Pictures of Pain to become one of the bands to be playing at this years RaumaRock-Festival. Click on the logo above, and give your support by voting on Pictures of Pain's track "Final State". Thanks.

 And finally, Pictures of Pain can introduce a new second guitarist; Arne Marton Tangjerd. He is now a full member of the band, and will be a part of the upcomming studio work, starting 27th of February. 

07.02.08 Vote Pictures of Pain to RaumaRock_Festival! 
Pictures of Pain are one of total 25 bands that have been picked out in final voting for RaumaRock Festival 2008. RaumaRock is Mid-Norways biggest outdoor festival, taking place at Aandalsnes. The festival has been happening for many years already, and had 7000 visitors last year. The 5 bands with most votes, will be play at this years RaumaRock Festival, to take part first weekend of August.

Show your support, and give your vote here. In advance - Thanks in advance!

As some of you may have discovered, we offer different types of merchandise,including T-shirts, sweathers and girlies. For further information, take a look at the link "Merchandise".      

11.01.08 Preparing for studio-work
We continue to work on the fourthcoming full length album. We start recording within the next 2 months. All recordings will be done in Black Dimension Studio by Stein Sund - the man behind the production of our two demoes back i 2005 and 2006. It seems likley that 8 songs will be recorded, and it has been really hard to sort out the songs that won't be on the record.

22.12.07 Merry Christmas
 Pictures of Pain want to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for the NEW YEAR! We also want to thank all of you that has supported us during 2007. It has been a great year, with many successful gigs! The main thing next year is recording of a fullength. As earlier mentioned, hopefully we will start the work early March.

05.12.07 Still Working
At this moment, we are still working to improve the songs that will be on the full-length record that we suppose starting to work with early March next year. We are quite close to a desission regards which songs that will be recorded, and are now working with details to improve the songs even more.

We are also checking out a new guitarist at this moment. Hopefully he will fit into the band both musically and sosially. - Time will show!

02.11.07 Sad News.... 
Despite to lack of time, Jan Gunnar Tangen ain't no longer a member of the band. He has done a real good job for us at all our live performances, and we would like to thank him for his job in the band. He is a great guy to work with, and we wish him all well in the future.

25.10.07    2 Live-clips from Island of Rock Festival 20.07.07 added! 
2 live clips from Island of Rock Festival are now added on Pictures of Pain's MySpace - site. Feel free to take a look, by clikcking on the "MySpace" link above!

12.10.07 Live pictures
Due to problems with the web-computer, the site hasn't been updated for a while. But now everything seems ok. We are still working with new material, and it goes real well so far! It seems that the problem will be to pick out the songs that won't be included on our upcoming full-length cd early next year. But that's only a "good problem" indeed.

We have also added some live-shots from the gig at Island of Rock, back in July. Take a look at the "PICTURES" link above! Thanks to Ola Gytri for the photoes!

31.08.07 New live review
The norwegian metal magazine Rimfrost, have made a review of this years Karmoygeddon Metalfestival, where Pictures of Pain where one of the bands. We received an excellent review for our show. Take a look here, for further information. (The report is written in norwegian)
A big hail goes to Anita Niflheim, for sending us a copy of the magazine. 
The review is also added under the "Review"-link. 

15.08.07 Summer holiday
Due to summer holidays, we haven't practised since our last gig, late July. But hopefully we will be back in "normal-modus" from next week. We've several plans for the coming months. First of all we will work even harder with new material, producing even more songs etc. Later on we're planing to do a full-length recording. Stay tuned for more updates.   

21.07.07 Festival?
 The guys behind Island of Rock "Made it again". Pictures of Pain where one, beyond many local bands, that were interrupted in one song. We were so "lucky" that we obtained to play 2,3 songs, before the orginizers pulled out the cables. Ordinary we should have played on thursday, but among others there "wasn't time" for it, so we tried again yesterday. 45 minutes became 10 minutes...... Hail to the professional staff at the festival. - - NEVER AGAIN! - IT'S A BIG SHAME FOR BOTH BANDS AND SUPPORTERS!

We feel very sorry for all of you that were there and supported us (2 days and 2,3 songs for only 800 Norwegian krones!) We are really sorry for this. YOU ARE THE BEST, and we are REALLY THANKFUL for your support. We will come back, even stronger, so stay tuned!     

20.07.07 SORRY...
Due to "bad organizing" (to many bands in to short time) we had to "move" our show at Island of Rock untill tomorrow, FRIDAY 20.07.07... We feal REALLY SORRY for all of you that came today, and didn't get the show. We hope everyone understand that this is beyond our reach.  And for you that only bought tickets for Thursday (when we ordinary should have played) -please contact one of the band members, and we will arrange a free enter at our live show Friday.    

We will be playing on Thursday 19 of July on Karmoy's new festival "Island of Rock". Tickets are now available at Scanticket or at local Shell-stations. There are also camping-possibilities at the festival-area. Support the festival, and BE THERE!

At this moment, we're also working with new materials. 2 brand new songs are made since our last performance at Karmoygeddon Metalfestival in May. There's only some lyric-works left, and they're completed. Hopefully, at least one of these songs will be played live for the first time at the Island of Rock Festival.   

Pictures of Pain are confirmed to be one of the bands, playing at Island of Rock Festival 19-21 of July. For further informations, please visit the festivals' official website:

Jan Gunnar and Marion became proud parents during the holiday. We congratulate with the new family-member, a little boy. Well done ;-) 

 Heavymetal.no have made a review from Karmoygeddon Metal Festival. Yet another great live-review. To read the review of Pictures of Pain's gig, take a look here. The review is written in Norwegian. 

One of the bigest metal-zines in Norway, METAL-NORGE.COM have made a review of the Norwegian Wacken Metal Battle in Trondheim 23.03.07. Pictures of Pain got 8/10 point for the performance. Take a look at the review here: www.metal-norge.com    

 Karmoygeddon Metalfestival was a great success! 550 visitors Friday, and 600 Saturday. The festival was a big party for everyone, and we had a real great time! 

As you may know, we played Saturday. We've added some pictures from the gig, take a look at the link "Pictures". 

A big hail goes to the organizers, Roald and Magnar for filming/photoes, and Mr Heavy Metal -Rune Andersen, for sending some of his pictures.  
And at last: Thanks to all of you that were at the festival and showed your great support! THANKS!

Today and tomorrow is the biggest metal-weekend at Haugalandet. Karmoygeddon Metal Festival is one of Norway's biggest Metal-festivals, and we are happy to be a part of this years festival. We will be playing tomorrow, SATURDAY 18:30.   
Show your support for the organizers, that's doing a great job, and the metal-venue at Haugalandet, and be there! 

PICTURES OF PAIN will be playing SATURDAY 05.05.07 INSTEAD of friday on this years Karmoygeddon Metalfestival. Unfortunately 1349 had to cancel their gig, but the organizers have found a very good replacement for them. The local black metal band Throne of Katarsis will replace our originally "friday-gig", and we will be playing Saturday 18.30 o'clock. 

For further information, playorder ertc, please visit Karmoygeddon's homepage. 

The norwegian metalwebzine Eternal Terror have made a review of the consert 09.03.07 at Hellion/Playground, Kopervik. Take a look here.  

Some unserious pictures from Trondheim have been added. Take a look under the link "Pictures".
No practice this week, Frode has sold his drum-set, and we are waiting for his new one. Frode: We want to practice!!! "Be quick - or be d..d..."  

We had a faboulous weekend in Trondheim! A fantastic place, great people and a lot of good music! We got an unexpected problem, just a few days before the gig. The wife to one of our guitarist, Jan Gunnar, was inlaid at the hospital, and flown to Haukeland Hospital just 2 days before the gig. Therefore we have to "replace" him within any prewarning. A big hail goes to Arne Marton Tangjerd who helped us out of the problem and did a great job! Really impressive work by this young lad! -Thanks a lot! We also want to thank Magnar Kvaloy for filming, photoes etc, the organizers of the arrangement (Zone), Blæst, Eternal Terror webzine (Rune Grande) and all of you that made the evening just great! 

We are pleased with our performance, due to the unexpected problems we got just a few days before the gig. A review of the several bands are done by Eternal Terror Webzine and can be read here
Pictures of the event have been added - take a look at our pictures-link. (Some of them are taken by Rune Grande from Eternal Terror Webzine - a big hail!). Pictures of all bands can be seen here.     

More pictures from the gig, and some party-pics will come soon. 

15.03.07 NEW REVIEW
Yet another great review of our second demo. This time the review is done by Eternal-Terror Webzine. The review has been added under our "Review"-link, and can also be read here. The review is written in Norwegian.

8 bands will compete in the first ever NORWEGIAN FINAL at BLÆST, Trondheim FRIDAY 23.03.07. The winner will be representing Norway at this summers Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany.
For more info about the bands, take a look here:
Heavymetal.no (Norwegian)  
For more info; click on the picture below: 

Pictures from the gig on Friday are now been added under the "pictures" link. A big hail to all of you who were at the show, and spesial thanks to Magnar, Roald and Arian for pictures and film! 

And now it's only some days left to the next gig, the Norwegian Final, "Wacken Metal Battle" at Blæst, Trondheim  23.03.07. 

26.02.07 NEW GIG ADDED
Pictures of Pain will replace Thundra, as support for the Norwegian metalband Red Harvest at Playground, Kopervik, friday 9th of March. 

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond their control, Thundra were forced to cancel the gig. - BUT we are sure that the band will be back as soon as possible, even stronger, and wish them all the luck for their comming work. 

This will be our first consert at Karmoy. Be There!

23.02.07 WACKEN _BATTLE 

Pictures of Pain are one of total 8 bands selected to compare in Norway's WACKEN METAL BATTLE, to take part in Trondheim FRIDAY 23th of Mars. 
More info to come soon.

Heavymetal.no have made a review of our second demo "From the Ashes" The review can be read here, or under the "Review"-link.

All bands for Karmoygeddon Metalfestival 4-5th of May are now booked. There will be total 10 bands playing live this weekend, 5 each evening, and we will be playing at Friday. We hope to see as many of you there as possible! For tickets, and recent uptates click here. A little update about the festival can also be read here. Still more to come!

The review link has been updated.
We would also like to thank all of you that have been supporting the band during 2006. A big hail to all of you that have been on the concerts, the guys behind Karmoygeddon and Stein Roger Sund especially for the great work for the growing metal scene in our area!

2006 has been a very exciting year for us, and we really look forward to 2007. A year we suppose would be even better, and yet another big step forward for the band.

So to all of you, take care and all the best wishes for 2007!
"Do it right - Do it Metal!" 

22.12.06 NEW REVIEW
A review of the compilation-cd "Metal from Haugaland" has been added on Heavymetal.no
And to all of you; enjoy the holiday and thanks for your support during the year!

As our "Christmas-gift" to you, we've added a new song at our MySpace profile. This song, "Final State", is the song that's on Karmoygeddon's compilation cd "Metal from Haugaland" released November - and on our second demo "From the Ashes". The song can be heard, but not downloaded. Take a look at our MySpace profile in the menu to listen.         

Pictuires of Pain wish all of you a pleasent and happy Cristmas! We'll have our last practice before Christmas-eve, tomorrow. So to all of you; take care and thanks for your suport so far!

A new link "Discography" is added. 
As you'll see, according to the recording of our song to the "Metal from Haugaland" cd, we also recorded another song "From the Ashes". These two songs made our second demo "From the Ashes".   

Beside Pictures of Pain, the first bands for the next Karmoygeddon Metalfestival, are confirmed. Kamelot and Doro are among the bands already confirmed, so it looks like it's gonna be a real great line-up! A big hail to Karmoygeddon for their excellent work, bringing the "Metal to Haugaland"! For further information about the first bands, and updates about the last bands, please visit the festivals own homepage

27.11.06 REVIEWS 
A review of the compilation-cd "Metal from Haugaland" have been added at Eternal Terror's website. Take a look here. (It's written in Norwegian). Yet another review can be written at Aske metalzine. (also in Norwegian)
A little "update" from Karmoygeddon is also added at
heavymetal.no. This article is also written in Norwegian, and the first bands for the festival are announced in this article. (Among theese, Kamelot). We also recomend you to take a look at Karmoygeddons official homepage for further band-updates. 

We've added some live-pictures from the "Metal from Haugaland" release-party at Byscenen 04.11.06. The pictures can be seen under our "picture"-link. A big hail goes to Erik Westerlund from Zeno Morf, one of the bands performing this evening, for sending us the pictures! Cheers!

Due to the releaseparty for the "Metal from Haugaland" held at Byscenen on Saturday, we were voted by the public to be the band playing at Karmøygeddon Metal Festival. A big hail to all of you that wanted Pictures of Pain to be the band from the compilation-cd, to be playing at next years festival! We also want to thank Karmoygeddon for yet another good arrangement. Also a big cheers to the producer and metal entusiast Stein Roger Sund. We salute you! And at least, to all of you that were at the party. You were just great! For more information, take a look at Karmoygeddons Homepage. 

We also want to request you to give your support for the great work done by the Karmoygeddon-guys and Stein Roger Sund, and buy the "Metal from Haugaland"-cd out now! The cd can be bought at most of the music stores at this area, or ordered directly from Karmoygeddons homepage. The cd includes 11 different bands from Haugalandet. The level of the bands are, in our opinion, real impressive! 

Tomorrow is the day that we been waiting for, Karmoygeddons release-party for the cd "Metal from Haugaland". We hope most of you have the possebilety to join the party!
We want to thank Karmoygeddon and producer Stein Roger Sund from Black Dimension Studio, for an excellent job, as always.
we really look forward to the party, and promise to do our best!
Some general info:  
Year-rate: 18 years.
CC: 100 NOK
7 bands will be playin'
Door opens 19.30
First band will play 20.00 
Be there!

Less than a week left to the release-party for the "Metal from Haugaland" cd at Byscenen. We've just received information that we will be the last band playing this evening. (no. 7). This will be a real metal-party- so for you that like metal: Do it rigtht- Be there!
More information about the event can be read at
Karmoygeddon's homepage and at Heavymetal.no.    

An article of Karmoygeddons' compilation-cd "Metal from Haugalandet" can be read at Heavymetal.no's site. Take a look here. (The article is written in Norwegian) 

We've just created a band-profile at MySpace.com. This is one of Internet's bigest sites. Take a look at our profile here, or click on the "MySpace"button in the menu. This is only a "start" setup, and more stuff will be addes soon. Feel free to add coments, your profile etc if you or your band also have a MySpace-profile. Have a nice weekend!    

04.10.06 NEW GIG
Pictures of Pain will be one of the bands, performing at Byscenen Saturday, 4th November. This concert is the Release-party for Karmoygeddons Compilation Cd, continuing a lot of local bands, like Pictures of Pain. This is a great opportunity to see many local metal-bands live in on evening! For further information, visit Karmoygeddons homepage.  

A new Fredriksen (and guitarist?) is born! Congratulations goes to Rune and Torun from the bandmembers. 

We've just received a message from Rune, that they are on their way to the hospital, accelerating the birth of their coming child. Due to this, we have to cancel tomorrows gig. 

We wish Rune and Torun all the best, for the coming birth!    

There have been some changes in the festival-program. We will play earlier than first announced. We will be playing 22.00 o'clock, Friday 29 Sept. 
Here are the program for the 2-days festival:

Friday 29 Sept:

21:00 - Didgeridone
22:00 - Pictures of Pain
23:00 - Nogma
00:00 - Mr Chili
01:00 - Queens Park Ranger
02:00 - Mirror of Madness

 Saturday 30 Sept:

21:00 - Ferdamann
22:00 - Dangerous Pink
23:00 - Aviendha
00:00 - Hell Dörmer
01:00 - Apollo Analogue
02:00 - Bridgewaves

Just one week left to the festival-gig. Unfortunately, our bass-player Roy Ostrem will be on vacation this weekend 29-30 September. But stein Roger Sund (Thundra, and the producer of our demoes) will replace Roy for this gig. We will be the last band out (of 6) on Friday 29 September. BUT we must have a little reservation, due to approaching birth for one of the members. 

Pictures of Pain will take part in a nationwide festival called "Ukjentfestivalen". The first part of the festival have already been hold in Oslo in May. Next weekend, the festival continues in Trondheim, and thereafter it will take place in Haugesund Friday 29 - Saturday 30 September, with Pictures of Pain among the line-up! Take a look at the festival's official webzite for further info.
More details will follow real soon.

One brand new song was produced during last week. Some lyrics are still left, but hopefully this will be finished real soon. Some backstage pictures after the Metz-gig have also been added under the "picture" link.   

The studio work has been finished for a while. One of the songs will be chosen to be on Karmoygeddon's compilation cd - wich will be released during November. The recording went well, and Stein Sund once again did an excellent job as producer! Some pictures from the studio recording can be seen under "Pictures". More updates etc will come, so stay tuned for the summer!  

Yesterday afternoon, we started the recording of 2 brand new songs. All drums, bass and rythm guitars were added yesterday, and today, we will do the rest of the recordings (solos and vocals). 
Final State" and "From the Ashes" are the titles of the new songs. One of them will be on Karmoygeddon's compilation cd which will be released this autumn. For further information, please visit Karmoygeddons homepage
The recordings are done at
Black Dimension Studio, by Stein Roger Sund. 

Live pictures from Metz added. Theese can be seen at link "Pictures".   

We have now decided the studio dates for our fourthcomming recording. We will be recording 2 or 3 songs, and one of theese will be on Karmøygeddons compilation cd that will be announced this autumn. The record-dates will be Wednesday 12 July-13/14 July and will take part in Black Dimension studio where our debut-demo was recorded. Producer will be Stein Roger Sund. We really look forward to do our second studio recording. There will also be a concert arrangement according to the cd-release. More updates will come on this site. 

We apologize that no pictures/soundclips from our debut gig haven't been added yet, but this will come, so stay tuned!    

First of all, we have to say some words about our debut-gig at Metz. It was a great live-start for the band. A lot of people, and a succsessfully arrangement by the boys from Karmoygeddon! Thanks! Pictures from the gig will be added real soon.

Then some other good news! Pictures of Pain have been asked by Karmøygeddon to take part in their fourthcomming cd, which will be released late summer/early autumn this year. We will record one of our newest songs in studio in mid of July. More info will come.      

Our debut demo, was selected as "la demo de la semaine" (the DEMO OF THE WEEK) in Slam Hours Metal show - Belgium. The band and demo were for the first time presentated during 2 shows, 23.04.06 (Guardian of Tears) and 25.04.06 (Betrayal & Years of Disgrace). Thanks to Francis Leduc in Slam Hours Metal show for showing some great interest for the material!

By know, there are only a few days left to the concert at METZ (Lille Byscenen), Saturday 3. of June.      

We have now added ALL 3 SONGS COMPLETE from our demo! These  songs will be out on this homepage only for a limited time, so you can be able to know some of the songs that we will play at METZ Saturday 3 of June. You will find the songs under the Media-link. Enjoy!

Some general information about our debut gig has been added at Karmoynett.no. The article can be read here. (It's in Norwegian)

Only 2 and a half week left to the debut gig at Metz, Haugesund. We are almost agreed upon which songs we want to play. It's not a big secret that all of the songs on our demo will be played, among some never songs, with maybe a "suprise" or two. One thing is for sure, we really lokk forward to the gig. Hopefully many people will be able to come to Haugesund!    

For about 1 month ago, we received an e-mail from Serbia, from a person that asked for a copy of our demo. He is a webmaster for a big website in Serbia&Montenegro. He have made a review of our demo, and you can find this under the "Review" link. Pointscore: 8 out of 10.

As you may have discovered, our debut-gig will be 3th of June in Haugesund. The arrangement is by Karmøygeddon, and there will also be another band playing this evening. The band is called Code:Red. As far as we know this is a thrash band". More information can be found at Karmøygeddon's site. (Check out link under or click on "Links")

Today we will have a special practising. We will start at about 6 o'clock this afternoon, and afterwards we will celebrate Frode's 30th birthday! Happy birthday to you from all of us, your oldie, hehe.. We guess he won't be sober today. 

The birthday-boy!

14.04.06 DEBUT GIG
Saturday 3. Juni, we will make our debut gig at METZ (Lille Byscenen) in Haugesund. We really look forward to this gig. We will come back with further information soon on this site. For more information, check out Karmøygeddon`s website.

Finally, we have found a new second guitarist! It have been taking some time, but hopefully the band now are completed. The new guitarist is an experienced guitarist. Jan Gunnar Tangen is also the lead-guitarist in MindCrime. He has been practising with the band for a while now, and it really seems to work out in a good way. Further information will come soon.

04.04.06 INTERVIEW
An interview of the band has been done by Heavymetal.no. It's in Norwegian, and you will find it under the "Media" link, or here.  

Another rewiew added from the Greek metalzine- Power Play Records. You will find it under "reviews".

The first 2 reviews from our demo can now be read under the new link "Reviews"  

Finaly, we have added a soundclip from the last song on our demo! This song is called Years of Disgrace, and feel free to listen to the soundclip under the "Media"-link.  

We are still working with new materials. This has resulted in total 3 brand new songs so far this year. There are only some lyrics left and they're completed. Musically they are complete already. 

According to the demo. We have got a lot of positive feedback on the outcomming result. A lot of people have asked for the demo also, and that's nice of course. Thanks for your support! We have also got good reviews, for example from the last Scream Magazine, and this will be presentated on this homepage quite soon. And there are still more to come!

We have also been asked about comming gigs. Details will follow later. So there's a lot of exiting things going on in the nearest future!        

We have added more sound! 
As you probably know, you already have been able to listen to the whole song "Betrayal" taken from our demo. Now, you can also listen to a soundclip from song number 2; "Guardian of Tears". Take a look at the "Media"-link for further information.    

Feel free to write in the guestbook, or send an e-mail, if you got any opinion on music, homepage or whatever that's related. We apriciate all kinds of constructive feedback from you!

Today we will have a friday practice, with different kind of "liquid-accessories". Hopefully we will complete the last song that we have made also. There are only some small adjustments and some lyric works left. 

Finally, some demo-sound have been added to our site! The song you now can listen to, is the first track on the demo. Please follow the link "sound" for further details. Also a big "hail" to our producer Stein Roger Sund at Black Dimension Studio for an excellent piece of work with the sound on the demo.
We appoligize that there had been a little while since the demo was finished until we present our first sound-shot, but it had been a quiet busy time for us. We have recent started to send out demoes to a few record-labels, and we still want to send some more. Hopefully it will be well received, but we know that there will be some time before we may get some feedback, if we're lucky. The only thing we can do meanwhile, is to wait and see, make more songs and practice even harder. We already have produced yet another new song this year, and we can promise this won't be the last one!

At last, hope you enjoy the song, and we are happy to get any kind of feedback from you as well good as bad. If any of you want a copy of the demo, please contact one of the band members! 

It's nearby the end of 2005, and it's time for a resume. 
After our opinion, it has been a year of growing according to our music-quality, an we really look forward to 2006. Late November, we were in studio and recorded our first demo. We have now finished the cover. 

The 3 songs that we selected for the demo:

1. Betrayal
2. Guardian of Tears
3. Years of Disgrace
All music, made by Pictures of Pain.

As you probably have understood, our demo is now finished. We will now start further work on cover-art etc before sending the promo-package to various record-labels and magazines. Hopefully it will be well received.
And, yes... There will soon be some soundclips added this site.

We have also added some studio pictures. Theese pictures can be seen under the link "Pictures".  

We are happy to anounce that our demo now are finished! It was a really usefull weekend, and all was recorded during Friday-Sunday. On fourthcomming wednesday, we will mix the songs. We are quiet pleaced with the result so far, and we really look forward to bring on some sound-clips to our homepage during the next weeks!

We also want to thank our great producer Stein Roger Sund. We are very pleased with his work. He did an excellent job and we couldn't even get a better producer! Thanks a lot Stein! For further info, check out studio-link at "Links".  

We also want to thank Roald Helmersen for his support during the recording, and for all the practice-recordings he have done before the studio recordings. This have been great help for us! 

And at last; a big CONGRATULATIONS to our guitarist Rune Fredriksen, our producer Stein Roger Sund and the rest of the band Thundra for their recent record deal. All the best wishes, and we really look forward to your cd-release!  

We will start our demo-recording next weekend, 18-20 November. The songs start to sound really well now, so we really look forward to get them on tape with good sound. We are agreed upon which songs we want on the demo. The songs are, Guardian of Tears, Years of Disgrace, and our latest song, that we haven't decided the tiltle on yet. We will bring on more news according to the studio work, how things goes on etc,  during the next few weeks. Hopefully we will be able to bring on some "Soundclips" soon also, so stay tuned! 

Time for some updates again. We have now decided to start the recording of our forthcomming demo 18-20 November. The recording will be done in Black Dimension Studio. This is the same studio that Thundra have used. The recording/mixing will be done by Stein Roger Sund. We are shure that he will do a great job!

We will bring on more news about the recording, which songs that will be on the demo etc. soon.   

On Saturday, we had our longest ever practice. We started about 16.00 and continoued on, only interrupted by a couple of small breaks, until 00.30! A very useful day, indeed. We have also clarified that the studio is vacant in late November/early December. Therefor we will decide which weekend we will record. The demo will include 3 or 4 songs. By now, we are already agree on 2 of the songs that will be on the demo. 

We decided to contact a studio when we practised on Monday. So we will now check if there is any possibility, making a demo in late November. Hopefully the studio is vacant at this moment. If we suceed to get a deal with the studio at this time, we are planning to intensivate our practising from late September until late November. This to get as good result as possible. We have already decided to have a "practice-weekend", Friday 30 September and Saturday 01 Oktober. 

Hopefully we will be able to bring on some good news according to this soon.     

Time for a little update again, for whats's going on right now. 
Since Nils left the band, we have continued the practising as usual. Mainly with only Rune on guitar, but Hans has played some rythm-guitar where it has been needed. This works as a temporary solution, but in the nearest future, we want a new rythm guitarist on permanent basis. We have a couple of names that we may think can do the job, but we haven't stressed this because it sounds pretty good despite of mainly one guitarist. So no guitarist have been tried yet. But one guitarist will come and listen to the band soon, so hopefully we will be able to bring on some news about this in short time. Meanwhile we go on making even more songs, and preparing for comming studio-work and gigs in the future.           

Nils Peder Utne has left the band. 

Due to lack of further inspiration Nils desided to quit. But the band will still continue, and we have made several new songs during the past weeks. (3 brand new songs) Some vocal-work still remains before the songs are finished, but we will prefer to work with this now to get the songs complete. 
Roald Helmersen has also joined for the last practising. Roald doesn't play, but he has a great mind for music, and has worked in studioes etc several times. We will try to make some "live rcordings" with his help during a weekend. (Hopefully late August/early September) We are happy to have his support! 

We will also work to get a replacement for Nils on guitar. Stay tune for further news!  

We practised on Sunday and yesterday, and things start to sound better and better. Rune has been the only guitarist for the last 4 practising, but we have although continued to play the old songs, and have even made a brand new song, so the songlist are growing even bigger. Today Frode went on a holliday/vacation to Sweden, so our next practising will be on forthcoming Monday. 

The wheel keeps turning. We've been practising twice this week, and we have also produced a new song. Musically this song is nearby finished, but we have to work with the lyrics before it's totally completed. According to gigs/demo-recording, it looks by now, that we will get in the studio for a demo-recording in the late summer/autumn. A lot of people have also been asking for some music-materials, so we think this is the most important thing to do first. This is also something we really look forward to do. The main reason for that we haven't done this yet, is that we have been continouing writing songs, and some of the latest songs have been turned out really well, so we've continued this. Due to new band members, the music sound have also changed a little bit from the "old" sound. It's been a harder, more power/"metall-sound" than we had earlier. But we still do many old songs, and will also continue to play some of these in the future.  

On thursday, we will start to intenivate the practising. We looking forward to this, and hopefully, we will be able to bring some "live recorded clips" from the practising on the homepage during the next weeks, so stay tuned! There are even more new materials on it's way!
Untill the clips are ready, we have added a new link "Songs" that shows some of the songtitles.  

The past 2 weeks, and the next week, we haven't been practising, due to hollidays/vacations and other concerts for some of the band members, but we will definitively intensivate our practising at the end of June and during the summer. We then hope to be able to bring on some news about recordind/gigs. Hopefully there will be some live music-clips from a practising added on this site also. We really apoligize that no music have been added, but we have also changed practice-place, so we haven't got our recorder ready yet. But - stay tuned for some metal!  

As you probably see, our new Band-logo is now announced! We're still working to improve colours etc. but the Logo itself is now ready. We are also working to improve the outlook of the homepage, so several changes will be done in a few days.     

The band-logo is now ready, and will be announced next week.  

Last week, we received several logo-suggestions, and the new band-logo is now under construction. Hopefully, it will be announced during next week.    

We had our latest practising on Sunday, and the songs really start to sound better and better. 3 New songs have been made since Rune joined the band, and we started on the fourth on Sunday, so it seems that we won't have any problems producing enough songs after all. The problem so far has rather been the opposite, but because of our priority -to play some of the old material first because of new band members, we haven't stressed the song-writing so far. It always take some extra time in the beginning, when new members are joining, but hopefully it will be worth it.  

We are still working to improve our Homepage. One of the things we are going to do soon is to get a better/improved band - LOGO. 

We are currently practising to get songs to a full playlist. At this moment we have about 15 songs, and are still produsing new materials. More info abouth the songs, and other related news about the band will come soon. 

Welcome to our Homepage! More info, will come soon. The homepage is under construction, but will be updated more soon.